Saturday, October 17, 2015

Perhaps, Something More?

Ever thought that you were made for something more?

That there must be more than just this in life?

That maybe, just maybe - maybe you were created to change the world?

Perhaps all of us really are heroes under the masks that we so fearfully hang on to.

Perhaps truly, tiny little human beings, in our mortal, finite lives, are able to change the course of history, and the infinite course of the universe, in all of time and space.

Or maybe I'm just a romantic, and an optimist.

But one Man came and changed my life, and the course of the world.

If no man can change the course of history - yet, if one man's direction changes due to something I said or did, did I not just change the world?

Perhaps that's it. Perhaps I'm meant to change the world.

One day at a time, then. Perhaps the day will come when I need to become that hero. Until then, I'll be training. I'll be ready.

Day 0.


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