Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Man, works starting to get to me... I nearly spelled destiny as "density" xD Proof that Physics rocks lolz xD


People live their lives believing the media,
And it's hard not to, cause that's about all we see
About fairy tales and... Well, Wikipedia...
But what's that all mean to me?

We learn about "Romance d'amour"
And Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty too
And knights in shining armour
And "Happily Ever Afters" - or HEAs, that's true xD

Some think that those, however
Distort now what we see...
But hey, I loved those movies
And the innocence there'd be =)

Some find their other half
Early in their life
Some search so hard and never notice them
From right beside their eyes

Some look and never find that half
And evermore they sigh
Some never bother finding them
And then they walk on by

Some don't want nor even care
And when it hits, they secede
Some hide well, and never share
But when approached, they accede

Some sigh when things do not work out
And tears in darkness be
But wipe those tears my friend, and shout,
In heaven smile with me =)

As for me, i'm glad to be just me
And yeah, that's who i'll be
The best darn looking guy there is
The wisest, arguably =P

Okay, so maybe that's not true
But you'll get me if you know me
Hey Destiny! Oh Destiny!
Can you just,

Let my friends be?


Destiny - dedicated to my friends here who got paired up, to those who aren't, to those looking to be, to those not looking to be, to those mourning, to those smiling, to those who need a rest, to those who have too much rest, to those who should be WORKING INSTEAD OF READING THIS!!!
Smile with me, and smile for me, my friends =D You know I can't stand seeing you frowning =)
And those who aren't, this quote's for you...

"If you come into this world knowing that you are loved, and you leave this world knowing that, then everything in between can be dealt with. "
Michael Jackson

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hmmmmm... Nice...


Hi all who read my blog (if you do) =D
Not really been such a wonderful week so far, but hey, it's gonna get better...


What am I gonna say now?

Honestly, God's been awesome... He always is =)

He's never gonna give you up...
He's never gonna let you down...

Here's an inspirational, interesting site that I've found... Hope that you enjoy it =)

Take care all!!! =)


P/S: If you don't understand what the title of the linked page means, or the text box that comes up, go search it up on Google xD

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You Were Always There

You Were Always There

It's as if I knew You from life's first breath
It's as if You chose me right from the start
You showered me with love each day and watched me as I grew
And now I thank You Lord, that I belong to You...

You have always, always been there
Faithful friend, steadfast and true
I wouldn't trade away this life I have in You
I know i've been blessed...

'Cause You were always there...

Everyday's a journey along this road
I see Your plan unfolding as I grow
Seasons change but You remain the same forevermore
And now I thank You Lord, there's so much more in store!

You have always, always been there
Faithful friend, steadfast and true
I wouldn't trade away this life I have in You
I know i've been blessed...

'Cause You were always there...

I wouldn't trade away this life I have in You...
I know i've been blessed...

'Cause You were always there

(Sarah Wong, 2007)

You know, so often it's easy to just forget about everything and just say "ahh, life's not fair", or "man i'm getting it sooooo tough", especially when schoolwork takes centre-stage and everything in life seems to flow and go nowhere...

But I realized today that once in awhile, you gotta step out of the small corner of the photograph and see the big picture you're in...

And when I looked back at my life, what did I see?
Fun? Yes...
Happiness? Yes...
Sadness? Yes...
Regrets? Yes...
But yet, fulfilment? Oh DEFINITELY yes...

Cuz I realized the one thing that made every past day count, and will make me look forward to the next...

That He's always been there...

And will always be =)