Tuesday, August 26, 2014


What is it that really makes someone "beautiful"?

Is it the way they swirl, the way they dance, or the way they spin the yarns that knot your heart?
Or is it the gracefulness in every step, the beauty in every smile, the simple silence that sets them apart?

Is it the pain that you see, seared in their eyes - the pain of a broken soul?
Or is it the rare moments where, perchance by fate, perchance by sheer silliness, their smile, you behold?

Is it the joy that radiates and glows among the others that surround you?
Or is it the glow that loves inside the hearts of those that believe it true?

Is it your eyes which seem to reflect your hurt, and tell me you've seen too much?
Or is it the wonder that with such hurt, these memories, still, you clutch?

I always wondered what it takes, that makes beauty... Beauty.
And beholding such beauty, what does that mean for me?

"Beauty is a social construct". "Everyone is beautiful". I know, I know.
But if it's a personal opinion, what events transpired that made "I think you're really beautiful" become difficult words to flow?

Why is it acceptable to stare at the beauty of nature,
But rude to gaze into facial features?


What or why beauty is, I guess I'll never know.
But whoever designed it all... Man! He's a true Van Gogh!