Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm HOME!!! Woohooo!!! =D And now that the excitement of coming back home has lessened a little bit, time to return to good ol' blog =)

Ok, on to serious business...

Someone once said "plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose" or rather, "the more things change, the more they remain the same"...

Funny, isn't it? How after 8 months away from home, you come back to see stuff that only happens back at home?
How after close to 3 years of not meeting your best friend, you can have simple, unhindered conversation, unblemished by trying to hide stuff from him?
How after learning so much about something, after experiencing so much, you come back to the very beginning?

To be perfectly honest, I'm glad =) Yes, change is something that's due, something that absolutely needs to occur...

But yet, there's always something about the stuff that remains the same... The feeling of deja vu, the comfort of knowing where you are, the feeling that says "Heyyyy... I know this feeling/place/person/etc..."

There's just something about:
  • Driving
  • Being able to sing aloud
  • Speaking a language you've spoken your entire life
  • Meeting buddies you haven't seen in ages
  • Having a late-night snack
  • Being able to hug and kiss your parents
  • Being free, not being bound by thoughts/certain worries
That enables me to feel... At home... At peace... And relaxed...

Yeah, so I am losing out in certain degrees... I don't think so... As for me, I'm glad =)

Stay happy, enjoy the finer details in life, guys =)

God bless =)


P/S: I miss some of you guys... Contact me ASAP! You know who you are lolz xD


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