Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For Japan, I Lift a Prayer...

For Japan, I Lift a Prayer

For Japan, I lift a prayer,
And I know it ain't all much,
But I'll kneel to the Redeemer,
And cry out for His touch.

It always seems so easy,
Take for granted what we've got,
Yet one day you have a TV,
And the next, you have but naught.

All their lives they walk those streets,
Through the motions day by day,
Then earth, just beneath their feet,
For some reason, just gave way.

Jobs they lost, homes they lost,
Worst yet still, their lives they lost,
Raging rivers still they crossed,
Heaven knows how much, the cost.

Japan, the world looked up to you,
While you were hated, you stood true,
Up, upon world's ranks you grew,
You showed the world, and then they knew.

This time, again, I know you will,
You'll rise back up, and take the wheel!
You show the world they can't you, still,
"Nihon-jin" with the iron will.

Still today I sit right here,
In silence, in grief, and even fear,
I bow my head, and take a peer,
To the screen, and shed a tear.

For Japan, I lift a prayer,
And I know it ain't all much,
But I'll kneel to the Redeemer,
And I'll cry out for His touch.

"LORD I lift up the people of Japan into your hands. Help them. Keep them safe. In Your name."


Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Choice...

Apoptosis... Or "Programmed cell death" (PCD)...

Now WHY IN THE WORLD would a cell wanna plan to kill itself???

BUT, simply because of PCD, a tumour can be suppressed, cells containing viruses protect the rest of the cells in the body, feet not be webbed...

Imagine for a second if that cell, and any one of those cells were to say "hey! I wanna live! If you wanna die, YOU go kill yourself!"

... Well I guess that kind of how mutations look like, and tumours happen...

Funny how this is actually very much like life itself, or my life, in the very least.

I believe that every day, we make a choice.
Do we live for ourselves? Do we live for others?

Today, I have made my choice.

Today, I DIE to myself,
But I LIVE for Him.
And by doing so, in LOVE, for the people around me.


P/S: What choice will YOU make, today?