Saturday, October 17, 2015

Perhaps, Something More?

Ever thought that you were made for something more?

That there must be more than just this in life?

That maybe, just maybe - maybe you were created to change the world?

Perhaps all of us really are heroes under the masks that we so fearfully hang on to.

Perhaps truly, tiny little human beings, in our mortal, finite lives, are able to change the course of history, and the infinite course of the universe, in all of time and space.

Or maybe I'm just a romantic, and an optimist.

But one Man came and changed my life, and the course of the world.

If no man can change the course of history - yet, if one man's direction changes due to something I said or did, did I not just change the world?

Perhaps that's it. Perhaps I'm meant to change the world.

One day at a time, then. Perhaps the day will come when I need to become that hero. Until then, I'll be training. I'll be ready.

Day 0.


Friday, April 24, 2015

A Picture (Today)

Some say they paint a thousand words.

Today I sit and think. The "curse of a thinker", as I like to say, is the unfortunate side effect that they - rather obviously - think.

Thoughts are like wild fire. All it takes to ignite them is a spark. A memory. A sense. A sight, a sound, a scent, a taste, a touch.

And yet details change. The things that matter most in life, they are the memories that remain. A picture from my childhood could have brought bad memories in the past - bad thoughts of what happened, how I was treated, how I treated others. But the only thing such a picture now does is remind me about how life was good.

Even pictures from times when I thought the world around me was ending, where everything seemed bleak. All they serve to do now is remind me that God is good, and then He's always sent people to stand by me through every moment.

Today I saw a picture that could hurt me, and I would be lying if I said it didn't. But I know the truth. The truth is that a picture hides way more than the eye can discern. The layers contained in a picture, especially one with so many elements involved - they can change your perspective of life.

Today, I choose not to be upset. Today, I choose not to be angry.
Today, I choose life.

Today I'll look back at a picture, and I'll smile. The Internet may snap a shot of my life and hold it forever, but it will not snap a bad shot. I claim my right to joy. I know my source of joy.

Today, I start living for today.

Today, I start my 365 project. Today, I live.